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Recommended Resources




Noah's Ark and the Great Flood
Children 32 Pages Paperback $6.99

The Bible story comes alive as seen through the eyes of two young Children when their grandfather tells the much-loved story of Noah's Ark and The Great Flood.


What Really Happened to the Dinosaurs?
Children 32 Pages Hardback $10.95

Join Tracker John and his playful little dinosaur friend, D.J., as they explore the world before the flood. This exciting new adventure will take you through the garden and Noah's Ark to discover what really happened to God's magnificent creatures - the DINOSAURS!


A Is For Adam
Children 118 Pages Hardback $15.99

A is for Adam and is divided into three sections. Section one presents the gospel from Genesis told in a children's A-B-C book format and includes many highly colorful captivating pictures. After the story there is a section to help parents and teachers present the story. The last section contains the story pictures from section one in black and white print format that have copyright privileges to be photo copied for use as color papers.


D is for Dinosaurs
Children 123 Pages Hardback $15.99

This book provides a unique opportunity for parents, and particularly fathers, to spend time with their children, and teach them the wonderful truths of creation using those fascinating creatures - the dinosaurs in an A-B-C book format.


Noah's Ark and the Ararat Adventure
Teen - Adult 64 Pages Hardback $13.99

The adventure isn't over yet! The search for Noah's ark is one of the greatest detective stories of modern times. Is there reliable evidence that Noah's Ark is still on Mt. Ararat ? If so, why hasn't it been found? Dr. John Morris looks at the clues that have been found and takes you with him up the mountain as he and his friends explore the areas of reported sightings.


The True Story of Noah's Ark
Child - Adult 74 Pages Hardback $15.99

Based on the account recorded in Genesis 6-9 in the Bible, the narrative is true to the biblical record and its timeline of events concerning Noah's flood. The artwork is so spectacular; one can almost sense the atmosphere, the anguish, the excitement and the anxiety. This is not just a fantastic reading book for the whole family, but a coffee table witnessing book and a wonderful gift idea for non-Christians to challenge them concerning the truth of the Bible and the gospel. Includes a CD audiobook with music.


The Answers Book
Teen - Adult 278 Pages Paperback $12.99

The 20 most-asked questions about creation, evolution, and the book of Genesis, answered.

  • Does God exist?
  • Did God really take six days to create everything?
  • What about the gap (ruin-reconstruction) theory?
  • What about carbon-14 (radioisotope) dating?
  • How can we see distant stars in a young universe?
  • How did "bad things" come about?
  • What about arguments for evolution?
  • Cain's wife - Who was she?
  • Were the "sons of God" and/or the "nephilim" extra- terrestrials?
  • Was Noah's flood global?
  • What about "continental drift?"
  • Noah's flood - What about all the water?
  • How did all the animals fit on the ark?
  • How did fresh/saltwater fish survive the flood?
  • Where are all the human fossils?
  • What about the Ice Age?
  • How could animals get to places like Australia ?
  • How did the different "races" arise?
  • What happened to the dinosaurs?


Stones & Bones
Teen - Adult 48 Pages Paperback $2.99

You don't have to be a qualified scientist to defend the Bible against evolutionary thinking! Dr. Carl Wieland gives you the basic arguments to enable the average person to effectively defend the authority of the Bible beginning with the Book of Genesis, and thus equip Christians to be able to effectively witness to people who have been indoctrinated with evolutionary thinking.


Creation, The Fall, & The Flood
Teen - Adult PaperBack $7.95

Many Christians have chosen to avoid the first 11 chapters of Genesis because of the controversy different views can generate. Many of the tenets of a theory that have been set up to explain the universe without a creator are accommodated with statements such as "I believe evolution is God's method of creation." These statements are self-contradictory, contrary to scientific evidence, and lead to unbiblical ideas and theology. In these 13 lessons, you will be encouraged to accept the clear written account in Genesis that is bolstered by evidence from studying the natural world. Many Christians come to Genesis with ideas that they do not recognize as coming from evolutionary teaching received in school, the printed media, and even from other Christians and some Christian material.


Refuting Evolution
Teen - Adult 143 Pages Paperback $9.99

This is a handbook for students, parents and teachers countering the latest arguments for evolution. It shakes off the debris of hopeless, unsubstantiated theory, and shines a light of educational freedom where it is desperately needed.


Refuting Evolution 2
Teen - Adult 235 Pages Paperback $12.99

Evolution dominates the cultural landscape today. From television sources like PBS, to magazines and books, it seems that evolutionary philosophy holds sway. Well, it might dominate for the moment, but it so happens that many competent scientists believe evolution to be a theory full of holes. The author, Jonathan Sarfati exposes some of the problems with evolution: Origins of Life, Exquisitely Designed Machinery, Whales that "Walked", Language vs. Animal Grunts, and Transitional Fossils.


Refuting Compromise
Teen - Adult 411 Pages Paperback $12.99

Many otherwise sound evangelical leaders, thinking that the only misleading doctrine is "Darwinism," are being seduced by the promise of "progressive creationism." Its most prominent voice, Dr. Hugh Ross, has convinced many that here is a biblically sound way to accommodate the "facts of science." With brilliant clarity Jonathan Sarfati has produced a comprehensive and biblically based refutation of progressive creationism.


Alien Intrusion
Teen - Adult 381 Pages Paperback $14.99

UFOs have been seen throughout the centuries. But in our enlightened technological age, are we any closer to solving the mystery? This book revisits three most famous events that have defined UFO culture. Discover evidence about alien abductions and other UFO phenomena that is widely ignored by the UFO community. The author's research and conclusions will surprise you and challenge your thinking - not just about UFOs, but about the nature of life itself.

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