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It's Out of This World Science
School Programs

Listed below are the programs we currently offer.
Feel free to contact us anytime for further information, or to book a program.


These programs are designed to be flexible. If there is a particular topic or theme that you would like presented please let me know and I would be happy to design a program around your needs.


  • Dinosaurs
    This presentation gives a general understanding of dinosaurs. I discuss when and where they lived, and some of the different kinds of dinosaurs. I also go into some of the theories as to what happened to the dinosaurs and I talk about fossils. This presentation uses PowerPoint slides and I bring a number of fossils and other things for the kids to see and handle.

  • Professor Von Stroffenhiemer
    This presentation uses demonstrations to teach physical science laws and principles. Some of the topics covered are air pressure, chemical reactions, aerodynamics, acid/bases and the 2nd law of thermodynamics. Although some of these are advanced concepts I bring them down to a level most kids can understand.

  • Vitamin Power
    Covers the importance of vitamins to our health, how they work in the body, and sources of vitamins. This program brings a video of how vitamin tables are made, samples of vitamins powders and equipment for making vitamin tablets.


Contact us today to book a program in your school



  • The Cell— The Wonder of life
    The cell is the most complicated structure in the universe.   This program discusses the cell components and relates them to a factory to help give a better understanding of what a cell is and does.

  • Science It's a Gas— Scientific Investigation
    This program explores different methods of scientific investigation that scientist use to learn information about our world.   Starting with the scientific method a simple experiment is used to show principles of investigation.   The program concludes with an example of analytical deduction using balloons filled with 4 different gasses.

  • Volcanoes, Water and Geology
    This program teaches students about Earth's geological activity with a study of the 1980 Mount St. Helens eruption . The impact of water, mud and lava flows is discussed with some hands on demonstrations. Other things discussed are the Ice Age, erosion and the Grand Canyon .


Contact us today to book a program in your school

Here's what people are saying about It's Out of This World Science:

Dear Gary,

I wanted to let you know how much all of us here at HealthWorks Kids Museum appreciated everything you did for our science day 2004. Your programs were really great and we've been hearing a lot of positive comments from the people who attended. The work you do to promote science education with kids is so important and we were so happy to work with you.

Jeane Myger



Many thanks for your skilful presentation of the StarLab. We appreciate your patient with us….

Kelly Yoder

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